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Insurance Bad Faith

Have you suffered because your insurance company denied you the insurance benefits you rightfully deserve? For over 30 years Drucker Law Firm has helped policyholders involved in insurance bad faith cases recover millions of dollars owed to them by insurance companies. Contractually, policyholders have a right to receive the benefits they paid for with the Insurance company. Additionally, policyholders have the right to a separate and thorough investigation of each claim.

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Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance Bad Faith

Examples of Insurance Bad Faith:

  • Not paying full claim amount
  • Unreasonable denial of claim(s)
  • Inadequate investigation
  • Payment delay on claim(s)
  • Actions associated with denial of benefits

We Are Dedicated to Protecting Your Rights

If you are dealing with an insurance bad faith claim, chances are you've suffered enough physical and emotional pain. Our experience can help take the burden off of you so you can focus on getting your life back. We will thoroughly investigate the details of your claim, ensuring that you receive the maximum recovery with the respect you deserve. No one should be denied their rightful benefits.

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Recent Settlements

  • $2 Million

    Judd vs. MHEE

    Wrongful death — trucking case

  • $700,000

    Afflalo vs. San Diego

    Minor injured in crosswalk

  • $525,000

    Macias vs. AAA

    Insurance Bad Faith —

    failure to provide coverage

  • $300,000

    Salazar vs. Proffit

    Stabbing injury at private party

  • $700,000

    Navi vs. Smith, M.D.

    Wrongful birth case —

    Medical Malpractice

  • $310,000

    Mekelberg vs. Ontario Mills

    Premises Liability

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