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Recent Verdicts & Settlements

Judd vs. MHEE, et al. - $2,060,000.00

Mr. Judd, a truck driver, was delivering a load of heavy shelving at a distribution center. A forklift operator improperly removed the load and caused a portion of the load to fall onto Mr. Judd, causing a severe crush injury and leaving Mr. Judd a near quadriplegic. One year later, Mr. Judd died from his injuries, leaving his wife and two young daughters. There were no witnesses and the defense claimed that Mr. Judd was told to stand away from the truck while it was being unloaded, but that he failed to do so, thereby causing his own injury.

Hong vs. Cal. Tech, et al. - $900,000.00

Plaintiff’s daughter flew to the United States from Korea in order to participate in a field trip to visit geological sites in California. During the field trip, the driver of one of the vans drove the van in such a manner to cause it to roll-over onto Plaintiff’s daughter, causing her death at the scene. The case necessitated including the Republic of Korea which required complicated service and handling. The defense claimed that the daughter was not wearing her seat-belt and, had she done so, would not have been killed.

Macias vs. Automobile Club of So. California - $525,000.00

A two-year-old child was viciously attacked by a neighbor’s pit-bull. The insurance carrier for the dog owner had a $100,000.00 insurance policy with the Automobile Club of Southern California. The Automobile Club denied coverage for the dog attack and the injuries suffered by the infant, claiming that pit-bull was not covered under the policy.

Navi vs. Smith, M.D. - $700,000.00

Plaintiff was born with severe orthopedic defects, including six toes, six fingers and dwarfism. Plaintiff claimed that the radiologist failed to detect the defects during ultrasound examinations and further, that the radiologist destroyed several films to cover up his negligence. The defense claimed that the defects were not visible on the ultrasound films and that no films were destroyed.

Afflalo vs. City of San Diego - $700,000.00

An eleven and twelve-year-old brother and sister were walking to school in a marked crosswalk when a car drove through a stop sign causing a severe leg injury to one child, and a massive head injury to the other child – which resulted in death within several days. Plaintiffs sued the City of San Diego, claiming that the intersection should have had a traffic light and not just a stop sign. The City claimed that the intersection had no prior accidents, was not a high volume intersection, and did not require a lighted traffic signal.

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